Lashes by Keina
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Both options come with the ability to create the custom look that YOU want, including many different variants of length (from 7mm to 16mm), thickness, and even degree of curl, all masterfully tailored for you by the Bay Area’s premier lash artist. The difference is the amount of lashes added, as the Dramatic uses more to create a fuller, more exaggerated look.

Three week touch up
Four week touch up

Princess Package $125/mo
The Princess Package includes 1-2 touch ups per month, whenever you want and at whatever frequency you want. All we require is that there is a minimum of three weeks between appointments in order to prevent the irritation or sensitivity that can arise from touching up too often. The Princess Package also comes with priority booking including Sunday and Monday appointment availability.

Bottom Lashes

Touch up and removal prices apply only to lashes applied by Keina